Challenger Garage Cabinets

Challenger Garage Cabinets

Challenger Designs outdoor kitchens and garages create all-aluminum cabinetry of exquisite beauty and great quality. In fact, Challenger garage cabinets are designed to improve how you live your daily life. You’ll find optimum organizing solutions for your garage with us!

Maximizing Your Garage Space

Challenger Designs offers solutions that are both practical and beautiful. Our mission is to create functional work and recreation environments out of your garages. Challenger Designs cabinets will completely change the garage area in a snap.

The best part is that Challenger manufactures its garage cabinets in the USA. To know more about Challenger garage cabinets, call us at 843-216-0006. We’ll also give you a free estimate!

Redefining Convenience

It has never been simpler to increase the usability of your garage space. Challenger Designs develops turnkey solutions to convert cramped places into useful areas and alluring recreational areas. Improve your garages with our premium, portable, long-lasting solutions.

Customizable Design

We specialize in developing custom-tailored solutions for your garage. Challenger outdoor cabinets are constructed in accordance with your instructions to guarantee a flawless fit every time. To properly assist you, give us a call at 843-216-0006. You can also drop by our showroom for a consultation.

Meticulously Crafted

We have an eye for detail. Challenger garage cabinets are made with durability and elegance in mind. With features like trigger latches and adjustable legs, you’ll value how the cabinets last longer.

Challenger Garage Cabinets FAQs:

1. Are Challenger garage cabinets waterproof?

All Challenger garage cabinets have sealed doors and drawers for weatherproof, watertight storage. Our design team has expertly built the Challenger outdoor cabinets to prevent water from coming in.

In addition, Challenger Designs outdoor kitchens and garage products have 100% aluminum structure and powder coat finishes for easy maintenance. As a result, these products do not rust. 

2. What is the warranty?

Challenger outdoor kitchen and garage cabinets, related products, and accessories come with a limited lifetime warranty. This warranty, however, is exclusive to domestic use and is not transferable. The warranty coverage is available here.

3. What materials are Challenger garage cabinets made out of?

Challenger Designs use 304 stainless steel to make the legs and drawer slides. 304 stainless steel is a high-quality material. Other parts are made out of aluminum, and all are powder-coated. As a result, Challenger garage cabinets are resistant to rust, corrosion, and other elements.

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